Hella Baked Tapes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys offer tape-baking services? Can you bake some tapes for me?
- We do not actually bake tapes at our Berkeley stoodios. We use professionals for these services.

How does my CD get from Hella Baked Tapes to my doorstep? How long will it take for my CD to arrive in the mail?
- Your CD is shipped via USPS usually the same day it is ordered.
- 3-5 business days within North America, depending on your geographic location and the powers that be.
- International shipping, please allow 10-15 business days for delivery.

Why iTunes?
We chose iTunes because of their worlwide distribution and dedicated stores in the USA, EU/UK, Japan, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand. We also enjoy this new distribution chain offering unlimited shelfspace, unlimited inventory, and available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. You can also use iTunes as a resource and preview music before buying. This is the primary reason why the CD is the same price as iTunes; giving the listener the option to buy the higher quality at the same price.
Update 2015: we have removed our catalog and new releases from iTunes for numerous reasons, please see our new bandcamp page

...then Why Bandcamp?
They take a 15% cut, permit a name-your-price model for album sales, and allow free downloads. If someone is going to buy our releases online, we will steer them in this direction. We also sell our new releases as download cards for files directly off our hellabaked.com server as an alternative to some major corporation.

Are there other services available for digital distribution?
Yes, our releases can also be found on Rhapsody, a subscription-based distributor.
Update 2015: Online streaming revenue is not a viable source of income for independent musicians and we no longer offer our music catalog on paid-subscription streaming services like Rhapsody/Pandora/Spotify. Our research has shown that streaming very rarely converts to album sales and we no longer are supporting these business models.
Please see our soundcloud page if you want to stream our music for free. We also sell our new releases as dowload cards for files directly off our server.

What about "High-Def" 24 bit music?
In additon to standard 320 kbps MP3 and 16 bit (44.1 kHz) CD formats, our newest releases will be also available for download in 24 bit / 96 kHz stereo .WAV format for lossless playback.

Can I have a FREE copy of Source Domain?
Yes, we have about 200 CD's left. Once the physical copies are gone, we will make the digital files available for free!
Please send us an email with your mailing address and if you can paypal us $2 postage we will mail you a free CD.

Are you willing to sell your domain name, www.hellabaked.com, to my company?
At this point in time, the answer is not likely. If you are sitting on a pile of money and really feel like you could do some good with our domain name, please let us know what your idea is. It will require much deliberation and discussion to consider. It's probably not worth your time to inquire. I'm sure there are loads of sites out there.

I need to get in touch with Steve as soon as possible, where can I contact him?
Please contact him here